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Acrylic Supplier in Lahore

Unicorn Chemical pvt limited is the major Acrylic supplier in Lahore city. The best quality waterproofing products along acrylic paints are supplied to valuable clients with installation services. Acrylic waterproofing paint is designed to protect and decorate concrete surface. It is polymer-based liquid waterproofing membrane also have Ultra violet (UV) rays resistance qualities. Acrylic waterproofing […]

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Unicorn Seal K-1

Unicorn Seal K-1 is a waterproof protective coating which has high flexibility. It is also known as two components coating which is polymer modified and cement based elastomeric waterproof protective coating normally used for the purpose of wall waterproofing. Because of its excellent adhesion, weatherproofing and waterproofing properties and abrasion resistance qualities seamless protective area […]

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Importance of waterproofing

In construction of buildings waterproofing is considered an essential step and fundamental requirement which need to be fulfilled during construction of a building or a house. In modern era buildings are made waterproof using bitumen membrane sheets and protective waterproofing coatings. The problem of leakage and seepage is commonly observed issue by residents of building […]

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Geotextile is permeable fabric which has capacity to separate moisture from surface. It is made of polyester. Geo grids, geo synthetic clay liners, geo nets and geo textile tube are geotextile materials which provide a lot of benefits in geo technical and environmental engineering design. These products are installed or applied in construction site, roads, […]

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HDPE Membrane

HDPE membrane is a high density Polyethylene membrane also known as alkathene or polythene. It is commonly recycled and thermoplastic polymer produced from ethylene monomer.High density polyethylene is popular because of its low material cost and best chemical resistance. This membrane is considered thicker as compared to geomembrane. This type of water and chemical resistant […]

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PVC Membrane

PVC Membrane is a modern waterproof roofing material. This waterproofing membrane is made of high quality water resistant material called polyvinylchloride. PVC membrane are considered more flexible comparatively and have high tear resistance quality because of this traits this type of waterproofing membrane is used for the purpose of waterproofing of underground structures, tunnels and […]

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