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Thermoshield is one component  elastomeric Roof heat proofing chemical .


What is  ther thermoshield chemical

thermoshield is Neno cell UV resistance heatproofing chemical .It reflects sun rays and provide resistance to transfer  sun rays .Thermoshield provides barrier to heat of sun rays .it is also waterproof so than it can protect itself from rain .not only it provide self protection also make your roof structure waterproof .It is available in white color .white color is also add some in heat resistance effect .Unicorn chemical is manufacturer of thermoshield .

Area of application

thermoshield can be applied on any roof structure like

  • concrete roof
  • steel roof
  • fiber roof
  • on marble and bricks tile
  • precast roof


    surface should be clean and should b free from any kind of unwanted material like dust fungus and rust .prepare roof surface before application properly .Apply two coats of chemical .Mix 4 liter water in 20 kg bucket and apply with brush and roller .its curing time is 24 .A lay man can apply thermoshield chemical for roof heat proofing .its application is very easy .chemical has shelf life of one year .

Thermoshield has very good feedback and reviews in Pakistan . we have launched this chemical at very reasonable price it is very good investment .This chemical coating technology help to reduce electricity cost .we can sustain temperature upto 30-32 degree in room with the help of thermoshield roof cool chemical technology .Unicorn chemical gives the warranty of 10 years for this coating .

thermal expansion and contraction

the concept of thermal expansion and contraction is that roof normally expand in summer and contract in winter .because of this cracks appear on roof.these tiny hair line cracks cause leakage in the roof  .thermoshield is the chemical which reject the effect of thermal expansion and contraction .it is also waterproof chemical .it not only protect itself but also protect roof from leakage .this white chemical coating is roof cool technology