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Acrylic Supplier in Lahore

Unicorn Chemical pvt limited is the major Acrylic supplier in Lahore city. The best quality waterproofing products along acrylic paints are supplied to valuable clients with installation services. Acrylic waterproofing paint is designed to protect and decorate concrete surface. It is polymer-based liquid waterproofing membrane also have Ultra violet (UV) rays resistance qualities. Acrylic waterproofing […]

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Geotextile is permeable fabric which has capacity to separate moisture from surface. It is made of polyester. Geo grids, geo synthetic clay liners, geo nets and geo textile tube are geotextile materials which provide a lot of benefits in geo technical and environmental engineering design. These products are installed or applied in construction site, roads, […]

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Waterproofing Chemicals

Waterproofing chemicals usage and insulation is performed to make wet wall waterproof. Waterproofing chemical application is the best solution of wet wall. We must know that how these waterproofing chemical work in getting the desired results. The benefits of waterproofing chemical must be kept in mind before taking decision about materials that used for waterproofing […]

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Damp Proof Course

Damp proof course is a process to control moisture. In this process a chemical is applied on the walls and floors to prevent water or moisture enter from the internal areas. Seepage on walls and building become the frequent problem nowadays. DPC is generally applied on basement areas because at basement the entrance of moisture […]

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Waterproofing in Islamabad

Many types of waterproofing material are available in market. Without knowing about waterproofing material you may face problems of leakage and seepage at your home. Waterproofing products play a vital role for many purposes. We should remember that all waterproofing materials are not favorable for all purposes. So you should know the right type of […]

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What is bitumen membrane sheet?

A bitumen membrane is used for bolster concentrate roof waterproofing. This waterproofing membrane is come on site in the form of rolls. The term and safety standard of this membrane provided by manufacturer should be read before installation prices. Fire safety is most important while using this membrane. This membrane have 2 to 4 mm […]

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Waterproofing Cement

Define Waterproofing Cement: Waterproofing cement is actually a Portland cement in which we added water-repellent agent. By grinding Portland cement clinker with a film forming substance like oleic acid which is used to reduce the rate of deterioration, by this process we obtained hydrophobic acid. Unicorn is the best company which is providing portland cement […]

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