Acrylic Supplier in Lahore

Acrylic Supplier in Lahore

Unicorn Chemical pvt limited is the major Acrylic supplier in Lahore city. The best quality waterproofing products along acrylic paints are supplied to valuable clients with installation services.

Acrylic waterproofing paint is designed to protect and decorate concrete surface. It is polymer-based liquid waterproofing membrane also have Ultra violet (UV) rays resistance qualities. Acrylic waterproofing paints can easily be applied vertically and horizontally on concrete surface such as roof areas, terraces, balconies and chimney contours, wet areas and basement walls. Acrylic paints protect building from the adverse effect of changing weather  and have excellent thermal insulation traits which help to keep it cool In summer it also avoid UV radiation.  It is also known as anti corrosive and chemical resistant coating. This paint can easily be applied on surface and is considered environmental friendly material. Acrylic waterproofing paints waterproofs the substrate (concrete) and protects it from atmospheric degradation.  It remains elastic because of its flexibility trait and seal the exposed cracks appear on concrete surface. It is a durable elastic coating to protect and decorate interior and exterior roofs and walls.

Acrylic paint coating are water based coating which is susceptible to bacteria and fungal growth both in packaged storage form and dry installed coating. Acrylic coating is able to reduce water absorption up to 99%. It should be applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Benefits of Acrylic paints

  • Easy application
  • Flexibility of material accommodates substrate movement
  • UV rays, weather, carbon dioxide, chemical and water vapor resistant
  • Excellent bonding with building material increases its durability
  • Excellent Thermal insulation
  • Mould and fungi resistant
  • Bridges and sealing of exposed cracks

Weatherproofing of residential buildings and industrial buildings with acrylic waterproofing paint coating is proved cost effective treatment because it is available in bulk at affordable prices. Unicorn chemical the best Acrylic supplier in Lahore provides acrylic paints bucket at affordable prices comparatively.

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