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thermopore sheets dealer in lahore

We are the pioneers of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) insulation in Pakistan, serving the nation since 2002. We were the first to introduce high-density EPS suited to Pakistan’s climate marketed under the brand . Lead by dynamic management, unicorn chemical (Pvt.) Limited is now the leader the nation in energy conservation providing cost effective, comfortable indoor environments for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.we are best thermopore sheets dealer in lahore . Our company holds expertise in supplying wide assortment of Thermopore Sheets in lahore .That is used in various industrial applications. Every products goes through rigid quality test to ensure only undamaged products are delivered to customers. We stringently follow international quality standards in the process for these products for efficiency and durability.Thermopore sheet in lahore

What is EPS.

thermopore sheet


EPS is one of the most cost-effective protective packaging materials available and is used all over the world to protect goods from transit damage.  It possesses an extraordinary combination of lightness, rigidity and shock absorption and can be moulded to virtually any shape desired.themopore sheet in lahore
EPS is also used widely for low temperature thermal insulation because of its low thermal conductivity and closed cell structure (most other thermal insulation materials have open cell structures which makes them vulnerable to moisture penetration).  Because EPS has no taste or odour and does not harbour fungi, it is used extensively in the packaging of pharmaceutical products, such as vaccines, where stringent temperature ranges are required to be maintained. themopore sheet in lahore

thermopore sheet


The most competitive and high quality company which is making very high quality and finer thermopore Sheet dealer in lahore. Insulation is supposed to then be sight as an outlay, which pays rear its price in a pair of years from side to side falling your heating and cooling invoice. In adding up, high-quality insulation is enduring, therefore giving you a significantly far above the ground revisit on an honest investment during building.themopore sheets dealer in lahore

We at manufacturing are leading the way of prolonged Polystyrene (EPS) thermal insulation insulation in Pakistan. This stuff is usually called THERMOPORE, which is proudly made by our company. Helping the nation from many years, our brand name thermofoam has become a household name. We stay the only manufacturers in Pakistan who produce High mass lagging sheets away from 35kg/m3 mass. Manufacturing Enterprises produces the broadest variety of insulative substance and is able of catering to all your insulation requirements of house and office. Our company’s strategy is to produce products which aid keep power saves, at the same time as not causing every sort of ecological contamination. Led by an untiring force to innovate, we are swollen with pride to say that our corporation is glowing and beyond doubt on its approach on fitting Pakistan’s first and merely true insulation professional. The skin of prolonged polystyrene comprise: – tremendously low down thermal conductivity to decrease seven to eight amount hotness in houses – remarkably luminosity but extremely well-built for finer protective material which is CFC Free life span assurance of recital far above the ground aptitude to grasp force with no trouble slash, tooled or crushed far above the ground confrontation to water vapor dispersal Non hasty with a lot of chemicals in very Low price.themopore sheet in lahore

themopore sheet in lahore


Far above the ground excellence confrontation to Heat or cold.

Insulate your ceilings, roofs for life time for the long life of your house.

Thermopore advantage is that its more power saver which decrease light and gas bills.

Reduces your Home temperature from seven degree to 9 degree as contrast to un-insulated home.

Very affordable and pays you back in a very small time.

Maximize the life of your home and office.

unicorn chemical is best thermopre sheet supplier in lahore

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