Monthly Archives: November 2020

Most common reasons and remedies of roof leakage

There are various sources from which roof leakage comes. Your roof requires proper sealing to prevent water from entering the home. Cracks on your roofs can allow water to enter. A roof of a building contains several exhaust pipes. When the seals in pipes is broken then it create a source for water to enter. […]

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Causes of leakage and solutions

Seepage and leakage is very facing or common problem which majority of household have at some point of time. It become a cause of damages like water marks, bubbled paint on ceiling and walls of the room or building. It is also a cause of water trip from ceiling and walls and moisture that results […]

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6 Benefits of Roof Waterproofing

Leakage in your roof can let water into your building and cause serious damage. Waterproofing is easier as compared to complete roof replacement. If you are confused in making decisions about roof treatment then there are some benefits of waterproofing that may help you in decision making process. Economical roof waterproofing treatment Waterproofing proves economical as […]

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