waterproofing cement based kit

waterproofing cement based kit

waterproofing cement based kit

waterproofing cement is used for waterproofing of concrete structure to prevent water penetration .it can also be applied on walls for treatment of seepage and dampness in the walls .unicorn chemical has been manufacturing world no 1 waterproofing products .we have manufactured two component based waterproofing .


cement normally get cracks when it faces the sun heat due to extension and contraction .we have increased the elasticity of cement with mixture of different powders agents and chemicals formulas .these powders not only enhance the bonding of cement but also have highly elasticity .it has anti fungus and anti rust characteristic .


it is known as two component waterproofing system .one part is liquid and other part is called solid powder part .liquid part has low ratio in solution .solid part is percentage of waterproofing cement and other waterproofing agents and fillers .solution of both component with certain ratio is used for waterproofing of roof and walls .

application of waterproofing kit

if your roof and walls are facing water leakage and seepage problems you can fix this problem by your self .we have launched instant waterproofing products .

powder part is consist of 10 kg packing and liquid part contains 5 litters waterproofing chemical.add one litter water in solid part than mixed with waterproofing chemical with blinder or with any other manual process.

tools of application

waterproofing two component based kit can be applied with many tools like trowl , brush and roller .brush is recommended for waterproofing cement application .

two layer coating

always apply two layer coating of waterproofing cement kit .as pores in concrete appears in different trends and patterns .apply first coat horizontal and direction and 2nd coat with vertical direction so that different directed pores can be filled properly .waterproofing material shaped into layers once it becomes dry

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