Roof Heat proofing

Roof Heat proofing

Roof Heat proofing

Why Heat proofing

Dominant weather of Pakistan is too hot.Rain is actually unpredictable. Unfortunately, we have not taken weather into consideration during building construction .isothane is imported chemical in heat insulation. that is why most of buildings absorb solar heat too much make roof too much hot.Being the under developing country every one can not afford  air-conditioners.We have launched special isothane heat proofing  chemical &  roof heat proofing service in Pakistan .We have been providing roof thermal insulation in  Pakistan since 2002.Our team is not only expert ,but also providing reliable services.Our company is also providing waterproofing solution for leakage and seepage .+923099992929

heat proofing

heat proofing

Treatment for roof  in Pakistan

Isothane is best technology for roof heat proofing .when it is applied on the roofs/walls ,it reflects the sunlight to a greater  extent .UC-22 prevents the roof  from getting heated up, even in peak summers. Since this technology reflect  sun rays.Isothane when it is mixed with other chemical it  help to keep the roof temperature normal . so the air on the other side of roof/wall never gets hot.this turn keeps the rooms cool and comfortable. Unicorn chemical is one of the leading company roof heat insulation  .+923099992929

roof heat proofing

quality you can trust

Reliable heat proofing services

further more,our customer service team will brief you how our thermal insulation material helps you to reduce the temperature. Unicorn chemical (pvt) Ltd provide application services for roof heat insulation .Our team have gained a significant number of loyal customers in a short tenure due to our high-quality services.  Dedication of our team members is appreciable.that’s why we are best  roof heat proofing in Pakistan.
in addition,Now there is no need for separate treatment of Roof thermal Proofing or waterproofing. We are providing our roof heat proofing services at a very low cost which is unbelievable.+923099992929

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Chemical coating for roof heat proofing

Dark surfaces are more likely to absorb the heat with a further temperature raise.  if you keep your palm on a dark colored car, the palm would feel heat and the inside temperature of the car also grows. This is due to the dark colors soak up a sizable amount of infra-red rays from the sun.Materials painted with light colors are likely to reflect the heat and remain fairly cool to the touch when open to sunlight.+923099992929
Chemical coating on the rooftops of factories,control shed and warehouses will bring about power savings by reducing inside temperatures and minimizing power expenses. We’ve excelled in the field of Heat Reflective Coatings for roof thermal insulation.


White  chemical coating

Further ,White chemical Coating  reflects almost all visible light hitting the roof top. Over 80% of the light striking white coating reflects back.White Coating also facilitates preventing heat shock.  almost,keeping the roof cool helps prevent the significant shrinkage . Furthermore,application of thermal chemical coating after waterproofing is appreciable .+923099992929

Heat proofing is a high-performance heat insulation roof surface heat proofing  coating .Unicorn Chemical (PVT) Ltd rapidly growing company specialized in value-engineered polymer based white chemical coating solutions for over a decade. Unicorn Chemical (PVT) Ltd  promises to stop transmission of heat from outside to inside and keeps the house, working place comfortable by making them cool in summer. The latest and modern polymer based research product, Unicorn Chemical (PVT) Ltd can drastically reduce the energy consumption and cost required for cooling a home, warehouse, metal building, industrial,domestic or commercial structure by maintaining the interior cooler by at least 10 degrees Celsius. An engineering marvel,  Unicorn Chemical (PVT) Ltd can prevent more than 95% of thermal rays from being absorbed in to the structure thus providing protection against thermal shocking, lengthening the life-span of buildings.isotahne is rare and imported heat proofing chemical .

heat proofing

heat proofing

Our approach towards Roof thermal insulation in Pakistan

In addition,heat proofing provided by us helps you to protect your roof against hot sun rays and provides Solar reflection, which means it reflects most of the infrared and visible light striking the surface of the coating.First, Over 80% of the light striking your heat proof roof reflect back. Then it repels over 80% of the heat striking it.secondly, It bounces this heat back into the atmosphere. Control shed absorbs heat quickly .Similarly,concrete structure is good heat conductor .We have not only solution for steel roof ,but also for concrete made roof .+923099992929

why roof heat proofing

First,It protects your roof against thermal shocks. Also, hot roof can experience thermal shock when a passing shower of cold rain hits the hot roof causing a rapid and tremendously violent contraction. in addition,these violent contractions can rip seams open, pop fasteners out of the roofs substrate and generally destroy your roof. Keeping your roof cool prevents the radical contraction that leads to “ROOF SHOCK”, premature roof failure and costly replacement costs, The best heat proofing company in Islamabad.+923099992929

1.In addition to heat insulation, Unicorn Chemical (PVT) Ltd unique quality is that it offers double benefits for the price of one with roof heat proofing also gets the added benefit of water proofing. For an asbestos surface, it will guarantee an enhanced longer life and for a metal surface, isothane offers an additional benefit of protection from corrosion.+923099992929

2. Cost reduction through energy conservation: In the scorching sun,  Unicorn Chemical (PVT) Ltd gives the much-needed roof cooling effect. Unlike old conventional roof heat proofing systems like fiberglass, foam or other reflective coatings, chemical coating does not just slow the rate of heat transfer but is effective heat proofing solution  in completely stopping it. Hence, thanks to make more cooler exterior surface, the running cost of air conditioners is considerably reduced, resulting in a drop in electricity bills. Thus Unicorn Chemical (PVT) Ltd is a boon for electricity conservation as well.+923099992929

3.  long term maintenance: A surface white chemical coating of roof heat proofing   hardly demands any maintenance. With no additional need for water-proofing and anti-corrosion treatment , the recurring costs are significantly reduced. Further more the cost of  labour for regular maintenance is completely eliminated. Since Unicorn Chemical (PVT) Ltd also increases the life of the roof heat proofing white chemical coated surface there is no need for repeatedly refurbishing a coated surface. Thus we provides an overall reduction maintenance costs.

Sheds Heat Proofing & Waterproofing

Sheds Heat Proofing & Waterproofing

Metal and plastic roof heat proofing

Metal roofs, such as this new copper or steel , can get very hot on sunny days. To keep them cool and extend their life, we  have introduced the latest system for metal  roof heat proofing in Pakistan.further we also have good experience in heat as well as in waterproofing .No of control sheds and factories have been constructed with plastic shed and metals in Pakistan.we are providing heat proofing services to control shed and factories owners .Our heat proofing material is not only reliable but also cost friendly.

Chemical Coating

  • Extremely Light weight-reduces dead weight.
  • Energy efficient-reduces heating/coolling cost.
  • Resistant to Ultra violet rays.
  • Ease of application.
  • Lexible, Anti-Rust and Anti-Fungus.
  • Bonds equally well to porous and non-porous surfaces. positive      adhesion qualities.
  • Save your electricity bill up to 30%
  • AC cooling enhances up to 50%
  • Heat proof treatment also support up to 60%
  • You can walk on top of the roof in a shiny summer day
  • Unicorn  products have no side effects
  • Unicorn heat proofing material are made of reflectivity and weather resistance
  • Unicorn heat proofing  products have an inherent extinguishing quality and will       not support flame

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