Roof Heatproofing services

Roof Heatproofing services

Roof Heatproofing services

Now that summer has here, it’s important to make sure your house is prepare to withstand the blistering heat waves and soaring temperatures to come. While there are many ways to release the heat that has been trap in your home and make it seem cool, individuals who live in southern regions of the country are totally reliant on air conditioners throughout the summer. However, operating an air conditioner continuously is not a practical solution due to the frequent power outages and high electricity costs. Your greatest alternative, especially if you reside on the top floor, is definitely to get skill roof heat proofing service to combat the escalating heat.

How does roof heatproofing operate then?

Simply put, a barrier is added to your roof in the form of an additional layer of heat-resistant material. This substance will both absorb water and heat, insulating your roof and preventing heat from escaping into your home.

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All around Pakistan, a variety of businesses, both large and small, offer roof heatproofing services. has chosen to provide you with a comprehensive tutorial on how to heat-proof your roof this summer because most homeowners are unaware of how easy, inexpensive, and hassle-free this home repair project actually is.


 These are some of the methods that are most frequently use to heatproof roofs.


Installing heat-resistant roofing sheets is one of the most often use methods of heatproofing a roof. These sheets from a factory are quite good at shielding your house from solar rays. They are often construct using corrugate patterns and are regard as one of the greatest solutions for people who want to waterproof and insulate their roofs.

Different varieties of heat-proof sheets are utilise throughout Pakistan. However, some of the most widely use ones on the market are polyester paint sheet, galvanise steel sheet, and PVC plastisol sheet.

These lightweight corrugate roof heatproofing sheets can easily endure adverse weather conditions. Additionally, they are cost-effective, long-lasting, sustainable, energy-efficient, and most significantly, long-lasting.

Please feel free to read our in-depth guide to heat resistant roofing sheets in Pakistan if you’re interested in learning more.


 In Pakistan, this is yet another popular method of roof heat proofing service.

Since most roofs of residential buildings in the nation are flat, applying modified bitumen rolls to their surface can dramatically reduce heat and water absorption, simultaneously heatproofing and waterproofing your property. These bitumen rolls are create by melting asphalt and other adhesives, which are then apply to the roof surface until the entire thing is coat.

The majority of homeowners chose to paint their molten bitumen membrane, which is black, with white paint to further heat-proof their roofs while preserving their aesthetic value.


Another well-liked and inexpensive method for heatproofing your roof is by painting it white with reflecting paint. Despite having the appearance of standard white paint, this heatproofing substance has two primary functions. In the beginning, it aids in reflecting ultraviolet rays, keeping your house cool. Second, by raising the concrete slab’s resistivity index, it lowers the temperature of the roof.

This reflective paint, which is also known as roof cooling coating, can be use on both flat and slope roofs. Moreover, using a standard paintbrush, roller brush, mop, or spray machine, several coats of this chemical must be apply to the surface.

Due to its ability to reflect sunlight, elastomeric coating is perhaps the most popular option for roof heat proofing  service in Pakistan.


Built-up roofing, commonly refer to as BUR, is typically install on flat or low-slope roofs to keep the house cool during the sweltering summer months. Bitumen, ply sheets, and reinforcing fabric are layer alternately to heat proof the roof. Built-up roofing’s top layer is made up of rocks, marble, and gravel aggregate to prevent heat absorption into the roof. Additionally, the minerals serve as a barrier against moisture, totally sealing the surface to prevent moisture from penetrating the roof.

The top layer of built-up roofing is fire resistant. In addition, to waterproofing your roof and shielding it from UV rays. Built-up roofing is reasonably price, incredibly enduring, and simple to maintain.


Cooking in the summertime can be difficult, especially if you have a large family to feed. Cooking while standing in front of a hot stove in the kitchen is more difficult due to the heat. So, here is our list of the top advice to prevent your kitchen from getting too hot you need to do roof heatproofing:

  • Utilize kitchen equipment for cooking
  • Don’t throw away the leftovers when you cook late at night or early in the morning.
  • Putting in exhaust fans
  • Homemade Room Cooler
  • Close the blinds.
  • Turn off any unnecessary lighting

Spray Foam Insulation for Roof Heat Proofing: Is it worthy Investment in Pakistan?

Many Pakistanis are increasingly making investments in home insulation as they build their homes. It significantly aids in lowering cooling costs and maintains a constant temperature in your home all year long. With the types of harsh weather we experience, house insulation is unquestionably a great long-term investment when building a home. Speaking of which, spray foam insulation for roof heat proofing servce, which is constructed of polyurethane, is very effective in achieving this goal.

Benefits of Roof heat Proofing

Home insulation is a useful technique for lowering electricity bills and can make your home more energy-efficient. As we are certain of the interior appearance of your home won’t harm or interfere with. But, it is also a useful strategy to lessen heat. That is retain in the house while simultaneously providing adequate protection against water leaks and seepage.

To recapitulate, you should think about choosing one of the aforementioned remedies. If your home consistently becomes extremely hot throughout the summer, regardless of how well-ventilated it is. Simply acquire an estimate from a reliable roof heat proofing service business, consider your options, and then make your final decision.


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