Saudi Membrane Sheet

Saudi Membrane  Sheet

Saudi Membrane Sheet


Membrane sheet is a selective barrier. A waterproofing membrane sheet is a thin layer of water tight material which is laid over the surface for prevention of water. It doesn’t allow water to pass though it because it have a continuous layers structure. Saudi Membrane sheet used for concrete waterproofing. This membrane sheet available at site in the form of rolls manufactures .

Saudi membrane sheet is available in properly factory sealed packing. Before Installation process you should read the specification and safety manuals of this membranes provided by the manufacturers.

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Instructions and applying method of Saudi Membrane sheet:

Before apply membrane sheet we should remove all inflammable materials from the surface where we want to apply it and should follow the good applying practice. The bituminous waterproofing membrane are unfolded on the construction site and laid firmly on the surface with tar based adhesives Using blowtorches. A layer of bituminous water proof membrane sheet is laid over the structural surface which act as shield against the seepage of water onto the surface .

Tiles and membranes is applied over the filler material laid to slope to pass the flow of water into drains. To allow the water to flow steadily to drains we need a proper slope. These membranes sheets have 2 to 4mm thick water proof materials. To cover any small cracks , strong , chemical and UV resistant the membrane should be flexible with the elongation of 150%.It is flexible enough to take any shape over which it is laid.

Features :

There are many features and properties of membrane sheet given below:

  • UV Stability:
  • If membrane is used to exposed to the sun then,
  • it must be UV resistant
  • it must be UV stable otherwise it will degrades over time
  • Elongation:
  • Ability of membrane to stretch .
  • It is measured in percentages.
  • An elongation of 150% means when pulled out membrane can stretch to 1.5 times its length.
  • Elongation is must in building such as high rise building or building made with steel, which is flexible.
  • This property allow membrane to stretch over cracks ,that may develop in future.
  • Membrane with 200% elongation are also available.
  • Breathability :
  • It help to release the water to the air in the form of vapor.
  • Design to stop water passes through it.
  • breathable membrane allow water to evaporate in atmosphere.
  • Tear Resistance:
  • Membrane will not tear even if a reasonable force exerted on it.
  • It is an important property.
  • Abrasion Resistance :
  • Ability of membrane to stand with tear and wear.
  • Membrane are covered concrete screed and tiling.
  • The abrasion resistance produce during construction period.
  • Chemical Stability :
  • Membrane is chemically inert with respect to its environment in the building.
  • Out side basement walls are exposed to the soil and rain water outside.
  • Food Safety:
  • Membrane sheet can applied in the inside of water tank to make them waterproof.
  • Membrane must be food safe as the water is in contact with the membrane.

Uses of Membrane sheet:

Membrane sheet can be used in the following parts of buildings

  • Over terrace slabs and balconies
  • Underneath and around basements
  • In toilets
  • In concrete water tank used as food safe membrane
  • Over land scape concrete decks, between the soil and concrete
  • In swimming pools
  • in gutters

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