Roof Waterproofing Treatment in Pakistan

Roof Waterproofing Treatment in Pakistan

Roof Waterproofing Treatment in Pakistan

Roof Waterproofing Treatment in Pakistan a key factor in making sure every area of construction is safe is roof waterproofing. Knowing which waterproofing addition to use to highlight a particular portion of a design is not strictly scientific is fine. There are many various ways that water can move through a structure, including hydrostatic pushing, slim activity, wind/air fluxes, surface pressure, and natural gravity. Should there be a tad split, fluids can enter a concept and architectural envelope. Unicorn Chemical make sure that this does not happen. Basically, we provide roof waterproofing services in Pakistan.

Roof Waterproofing Services

We also offer roof waterproofing services in Pakistan as a fix for roof leaks. For the water tank in Pakistan, the roof waterproofing Chemical Service has a lot of experience using different chemicals. The chemicals used to waterproof the roof are quite profitable and helpful. Our clients’ homes are protected against water leaks and seepage thanks to the application of water from the in and out of, which also helps the water to remain in place for many years. Our team of specialists uses high-quality roof waterproofing chemicals that won’t harm your water tank’s material in any way and that you may remove over time.


Ultra-strong and weather-resistant protection that complies with Unicorn Chemical and meet the Cool Roof Rating Council Standards. It functions as a complete barrier to water infiltration since it is hydrophobic in design. Pond Proof technology integrated into a seamless monolithic membrane to guard against standing water. High mobility and adhesion, tested for a 30-year lifespan equivalent.


Elastomeric roof coating that is bright white increases roof life while lowering cooling expenses. It resists damage by not peeling or cracking. Gives a cover that deflects the sun’s heat and detrimental Ultra-violet rays, but bear in mind. In addition, provides good adherence to a range of roofing substrates and can expand and reduce by up to 275%.


For coating built-up, mineral-surfaced, metal, cement and corrugated and other roof surfaces, use a rated, professional-grade product. Excellent weather resistance, no flame or smoke, no odor, and adheres to wet or dry surfaces

Additionally used as an anti-corrosivestainless steel and timber, and pipe coating, damp proofing above- or below-grade foundation walls, sealing masonry surfaces, and retaining walls. It is simple to use and clean up, contains no chemicals, and won’t damage or degrade insulation or Styrofoam boards.


Constructive reinforcing tape and sealant with nano shield surface self and insurance coverage-penetrating and priming adhesive technology are convenient and easy to use repair materials.

Ideal for use on a variety of surfaces, including roofs, flashings, home windows, gutters, doorways, rooms and skylights and foundations. Seal materials right away to stop leaks fromwetness and air flow, and water. Almost everything, including metal, clear plastic, lumber and fibreglass structural concrete, concrete block, and brick, can be adhered to.

Liquid Waterproofing

Gel-based liquid sprayed coating made for usage in residential home and building up construction. It is made to stop water penetration, air seepage, and vapor transmitting and closes and protects externalbasements and the wall surfaces, and foundations.

Ideal for use on brick, stucco, masonry and cinderblock concrete block, and other permitted substrates. Moreover, flexible, seamless finish for applications above or below grade.


It is a rubberized compound with high tact for the finest waterproofing protection. It obstructs vapor and mineral water, and air. Full membrane adhesion that is 1.5 mm thick.

Quick installation – doesn’t need a torch or other heat source. applied simply by removing the release film and exerting considerable pressure with a weighted or heavy roller.


Polyurea membranes are a cutting-edge system that have been in use for almost three promote and ages exceptional resistance to even the heaviest mechanical or chemical loads. After curing, a solid, continuous membrane. Vapor permeable, preventing the buildup of moisture. Thermal resistance to temperature changes. It is not sensitive to humidity when applied and can be used on curved and vertical surfaces.


High-quality, liquid-applied, extremely elastic, cold-applied and cold-cured polyurethane membrane used for long-lasting waterproofing.

Pure elastomeric hydrophobic polyurethane resins serve as the foundation. Which has exceptional mechanized, Ultra violet, chemical type and energy and natural element resistance qualities. It cures by interaction with moisture in the environment and the earth.


A flexible water-proofing slurry made of cement and a single component acrylic co-polymer. Water lavatories, basements and tanks swimming pools, underground tunnels and constructions, and water retention structures can all have their bituminous coatings replaced. It works on masonry, concrete, and brick structures. Prior to piece of art brickwork, that could be applied as being a primer.

Cement Polymer Based Coating

Flexible, waterproof, cement/polymer-based covering with two components and good adhesion. Also, based on a unique synthetic polymer dispersion and a combination of high-performance polymers, proper grade sand, and a selection of cements.

For the waterproofing of swimming pools, underground buildings, terraces, basements, baths and tunnels and balconies as well as exposed flat roof surfaces. It works on masonry, concrete, and brick structures.

Services for Roof Waterproofing Treatment for Roof Leaks in Pakistan

Unicorn Chemical Company’s waterproofing membrane is a high-performance polymer waterproof sheet that is produced by extrusion molding and includes plasticizers, anti-UV agents, anti-aging stabilizers and providers, and processing aids. Reliable product quality, simple manufacturing, Roof Waterproofing Treatment in Pakisatan and the ability to adapt fullness and span, and width to meet customer needs. basement side walls, baseboards, head plates, and roofs, among other surfaces, are waterproofed, anti-seepage, and moisture-proofed.

Control of bathroom leak repair in Pakistan

Our bathroom seepage solution aims to stop the seepage caused by tiny fractures that have formed in the ceiling and walls and are now letting rain water and moisture through. You can have peace of mind knowing that water either stays on the bathroom floor or drains away by plugging these tiny cracks. Thus, grouting is the process that results from using the Master Seal International requirements grouting chemical. Downside residents must deal with the bathroom leak problem because it appears on the roof. You may not want to harm the fragile presence on your powder room when you find yourself experiencing this type of situation.

Simply give us a call, and we’ll take care of the issue, leaving your toilet in working order. Even though it’s ideal to have a completely watertight basement when creating a structure, it may be handled with the right approach, high-quality materials, and expert execution.

Joints in Bathroom Tiles Leak Waterproofing: Failing to water-resistant the space may have serious results, as a result of powder room leaks often result in moisture build-up. Roof Waterproofing Treatment in Pakisatan. The creation of bathroom building materials is common. Since the components are formed of ceramic tiles and dirt, their size may increase, affecting the groups and causing the tiles to shift. The temperature of a bathroom tile would also fluctuate quickly; taking hot or cold showers may alter the temperature in a matter of minutes. Additionally, this might cause tiles to expand and contract.

Treatment for Water Tank Leaks in Pakistan by Unicorn Chemical Company

Plumbers who specialize in waterproofing are needed to cover up water tank leaks and make repairs. It could appear as a result of tank or floor movement over time. A backup tank’s age is necessary for upkeep, though. Apply any outside paint with waterproofing capabilities after mending any cracked external walls. Water tank leaks are typically caused by the water tank being fractured or damaged. Water tank leaking is a result of corrosion and general tear and be dressed in over time.

Furthermore, it minimizes ability to access water, and therefore we guarantee whenever it water leaks once again, we shall repair it just as before. This creates a strong protective covering for the protection against corrosion. The results of the water tank leakage proofing performed by our company are commendable.

Water tank proofing is a 15-year-long process that requires inner concrete walls to withstand varying levels of constant hydrostatic pressure. Water tank, we are referring to the nature of the material used in the building of water tank walls and floors since there are overhead water tank waterproofing and underground water tank waterproofing concerned.

Pakistan Basement Leakage Seepage Solutions

Roof Basement Unicorn Chemical Waterproofing is the use of components and techniques to prevent water from entering a building’s or home’s basement. Materials for installing drains and sump pumps, fillers, and adhesive mixes, as well as sealants, are frequently utilized. Finding leaks as soon as possible allows for quick remedial action to be conducted without further harm to the building, which is the goal of monitoring in basements. Since it has been operating for more than 20 years, it is also the firm with the most experience.

Breaks, huge and smaller sized holes, and pinholes in cement works that were not built to be watertight are often the main causes of water leakage in all types of roofs. We offer a variety of services with results that are guaranteed, including water tank leakage seepage repair, bathroom leakage seepage treatment, and roof heat proofing. At Building Comforts, we look for the best possible solution-not the most expensive one. We supply Experts advice on appliances and answers and sustain all phases of creation demands, as a form of innovator in waterproofing programs and architectural. To help keep track of the needs of our appreciated new customers, we now have a very good okay-monitored staff oftechnicians and advisors, and employees to cope with complex services and products for your personalresidential and commercial, and professional sectors.

Any aspect of handy-man and putting together-related services can be provided by our talented team of highly proficient and proficient professionals. We envision using carefully vetted specialists based on their unique experience because we believe this improves the final outcome of a given activity. But so that you can totally comprehend the state of affairs, it would perhaps have know-how connected with a consultant. Many people are unaware that this could be the main factor causing leaching. Water might leak down and into your home when a pipe is clogged. It enters the basement after swimming around the outside of the building.

Why should your home or building choose roof waterproofing?

Roof waterproofing is essential to the safety of the entire construction process. It is appropriate to understand which waterproofing inclusion to use to signify a particular design. There are many various ways that water can move through a structure, including hydrostatic pushing, slim activity, wind/air fluxes, surface pressure, and natural gravity.

Water seeps through any cracks in a development and engineering envelope; knoveo solutions prevent this from happening. We use cutting-edge methods to guarantee excellent roof waterproofing.

The roof’s waterproofing prevents not just water from penetrating from it but also heat, keeping your building cool in the summer.

Freeze/defrost cycles can seriously harm solid designs over the winter. Water can freeze when it contacts a solid, adding 9% more volume to the liquid condition. This development causes problems in the structure that could lead to cracks and will continue to grow.

Frequently, Roof Waterproofing Treatment in Pakistan sound remedies are done before they develop into more significant or expensive problems. There are steps you can take to prevent further damage, such as choosing knoveo solutions to stop water from penetrating a solid structure.

Urethane waterproof traffic covering for stopping decks and protective acrylic coatings for people on outdoor exteriors will lengthen the maintenance’s lifespan, ensuring that neighboring areas are currently in outstanding shape, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the treated area.

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