Roof leakage Chemicals

Roof leakage Chemicals

Roof leakage Chemicals

Leakage can enters into home with no issue. It comes due to excessive raining and leakages from any type of water source. It is quite important for home that it will be protected by leakage and seepage by applying Roof leakage chemicals at home.

Roof leakage chemicals in Pakistan have strength and importance against protection of buildings and houses from the adverse affect of leakage and seepage. So it is important to know that how many chemicals are available to protect the roof or a building from seepage.Roof leakage is applied on the affected surface in order to prevent the damages of leakage. Normally there are three types of roof chemicals available in market

Types of Roof leakage chemicals

Unicorn chemical provides the best waterproofing services in Pakistan. Normally there are three types of roof leakage chemicals which are mentioned below.

Bitumen waterproofing chemical

Bitumen is the commonly used waterproof chemicals. It curbs the flow of leakage and seepage. Bitumen is used in waterproofing in different forms. It has different grades. It is also available in market in form of bitumen membrane sheet. Normally bitumen sheets are used in roof waterproofing and basement waterproofing. Bitumen is similar to the tar with the hard smell of hydrocarbons normally it is smelled during the construction of roads.

This waterproofing chemical is derived from oil extraction. It secures our roof because of its strong water repellent quality. When it is applied on roof no water can penetrate it secure our roof with the adverse affect of leakage.

Polymer waterproofing chemical

This waterproofing chemical is synthetically made that looks like a transparent chemical. Normally this waterproofing chemical is applied on the roof with the help of cement it ensures the proper attachment of waterproof chemical with the affected area where leakage and seepage being taken place.

Cementitious waterproofing chemical

Cementitious waterproofing chemical provides desired result of waterproofing on the concrete floors or roof. Normally roofs are constructed with the concrete material in Pakistan. In this waterproofing chemical fiber reinforced polymer is mixed with the cement to make it water resistant. Roof leakage chemicals in Pakistan are synthetic so these are easily available in the market. Unicorn chemical is the best supplier of roof leakage chemical in all over the Pakistan and also providing the waterproofing services.


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