How to waterproof a roof?

How to waterproof a roof?

How to waterproof a roof?

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2-How do you identify the area of leakage at roof?

3-How do you know what are the causes and problem?

4-Permanent treatment and solution of roof leakage

5-Tips to avoid roof leakage for new home

6-What is the estimated cost of waterproofing?

7-What are the products of waterproofing and which product is suitable for your roof?


How to waterproof a roof? The process of sealing off and protect a surface or any other area of a house or a building from water damage is known as waterproofing. Another category of waterproofing is to solve any existing water entry issue, correct the structural deficiency which becomes the cause of seepage and leakage in your house. Unicorn chemical is providing the best waterproofing services in all over the Pakistan. It is concrete roof waterproofing service provider.

Today there are many materials available for the purpose of waterproofing. In previous years liquid applied bitumen membrane was used and proved economical  and more environment friendly.There are few general categories of liquid applied membranes for roof waterproofing. Large variety of products available but a choice have to made to resolved the said issue. The most frequent fluid products found in such categories are elastomeric, polyurethane, silicone, and urethane. Today coating of waterproofing chemical is proved beneficial and have reflexive white color which redirect the rays of sun and lower the temperature of the roof during the direct sun exposure.

How do you Identified the area of leakage at roof?

A minor leakage can cause a serious damage for your home and if it doesn’t repair then it can lead too much more serious damage which is not only gross but also dangerous to your health. Unicorn chemical not only locate the source of leakage but also make repair on it.

Below mentioned steps are helpful to find out the leaks and get it repaired quickly.

1-Look the first sign of roof leakage

The first sign of roof leakage is the sound of dripping water. There are some other sign that indicate roof leakage. If there is musty odor in room, water stains on your home ceiling and walls, spots on exterior side of a wall, patches on your interior walls then it means there is leakage and seepage problem prevailing in the building.

2- Check the attic

The next step is to check the attic of your home.You should look for water stains, spots, mold or black marks along the roof sheathing during checking the attic.

3-Make it rain

Sometimes it become too difficult to find out the problem area of leakage in such situation you can notice the dripping sound of water by making it rain on the roof. you should instruct someone to stay inside the room at a place where you first noticed the dripping water and you move up to the roof with a garden hose and try to make a rain on upper surface of roof if by doing this the person inside the room notice the water dripping then the area is considered the faulty area if not then keep trying unless the problem area is not completely identified.

How do you know the problem and causes of leakage?


Roof leakage damages the attic of your house and all the items stored there. In case if there is no attic and the size of leakage is prominent then it will damage the interior ceiling. Leakage creates the issue of bubbled paint and damages the plaster on nearby walls. How to waterproof a roof? Ceiling mounted lights and fans are ruined due to the roof leakage. Concrete roof waterproofing solutions are available.


Leakage and seepage reveals the importance of waterproofing. There are five major causes of seepage in households and buildings.

1-Plumbing fault is one of the major causes of seepage and leakage. In such faults there is leakage in drainage pipes, water supply pipes outflow and faulty plumbing in the neighborhood property internally.

2-Poor vent system on the roof of a building that become a cause of rain water accumulation that brings leakage and seepage to the occupants of the buildings.

3-Leakage of water tank becomes a cause of roof leakage and seepage.

4-Poor waterproofing techniques used at the time of construction of building bring seepage problems to the resident of house.

5-The existence of natural water under the ground of the buildings can cause seepage at the wall of the room.

Permanent treatment and solution of roof leakage

There is permanent treatment available for roof leakage. Unicorn chemical provide the best solution of roof leakage by adopting following techniques of roof waterproofing.

Cementitious waterproofing

Cementitious waterproofing technique is considered easy and effective solution of roof leakage. A polymer based waterproofing chemical is mixed with the cement and then applied on the required area of roof to prevent leakage and seepage. How to waterproof a roof? This waterproofing techniques is not only used for roof leakage treatment but also used for bathroom, basement and water tank waterproofing. cementitious waterproofing is suitable for concrete roof waterproofing

Bitumen Membrane waterproofing

Bitumen membrane waterproofing technique also considered the authentic solution of roof leakage. In this remedy or treatment of leakage a bitumen membrane sheet is applied over the surface with the help of blue torch. It is helpful to fix the cracks on the surface. Bitumen coating is for concrete roof waterproofing.

Acrylic waterproofing

Acrylic waterproofing is considered one of the fastest roof leakage solutions in Pakistan. In this solution of roof leakage a transparent colored chemical is used. This chemical is applied on the effected surface like a coat. Multiple coats of this chemical is required to resolve roof leakage problem it takes time but assures a long run solution.

Cold Bitumen waterproofing

Bitumen is widely used chemical for waterproofing. There are many grades of bitumen but the cold bitumen takes more time in installation comparatively but gives the desired results. Cold bitumen application prevent the roof leakage and seepage problem.

Liquid Rubber coating

It is the long lasting and flexible solution of seepage. It applied on the roof’s defective area by coating to prevent roof from leakage. Coating is for concrete roof waterproofing.

Epoxy Coating

Epoxy coating is the most effective hurdle or barrier in the water penetration on the roof. This waterproof chemical is simply applied on the surface of the roof in order to prevent the roof from leakage and seepage.

PU coating

Polyurethane is a permanent waterproof treatment. It has excellent water-repellent characteristics and it makes the roof completely waterproof.

Tips to avoid roof leakage

We can avoid roof leakage problem by keeping in view the following maintenance tips. Concrete roof waterproofing is helpful to avoid seepage.

1- You should make regular inspection of roof. It must be your top priority

2-Make regular inspection of your home’s attic

3-Take care of trees and branches because trees and branches may become the reason of broken tiles of roof. Broken tiles build up a space for water to enter.

4-Keep clean and maintained the drainage system of your roof

5- you should install waterproof barrier

7- Attic should be ventilated

8- Skylights should be properly inspected

9- You should install pre-manufactured flashing in order to avoid roof leakage

Estimated Cost of waterproofing

Waterproofing of a building or a house have become essential to maintain it. The problem of leakage and seepage is commonly faced by the occupants of building and a house. In case there is leakage at your place then you should contact with an experienced and licensed waterproofing company to waterproof your house. It is unfortunate that most of the house owner feel uncomfortable and shy away from seeking the services of waterproofing company because of costly waterproofing process.

Waterproofing contractors cannot offer you an estimate immediately when you call them. Instead, the technicians will visit your home, carry out an analysis of the problem and consider these factors before giving you a written estimate.

Waterproofing companies can not reveal an estimation of waterproofing process immediately when you approach them. At first the technician will visit your building or house make an analysis of the said problem and make a rough estimation in his mind and after it consult it with the company’s management after it, a written estimation is provided by a waterproofing company to its clients. The products which are used for waterproofing have different prices but the total cost of waterproofing process depends upon the area of your house. After calculating the area going to be waterproofed an estimate is made to the client. The cost of waterproofing depend upon the problem area. Sometimes its cost is higher its depend upon the condition of property.The cost of waterproofing projects is effected by various factors e.g. contractor, location, material.

Products of Waterproofing

Below mentioned products are used in waterproofing project

1-Cementitious coating is a commonly used waterproofing product. In this waterproofing product cement is used as one of its components.

2-Bitumen is second important waterproofing product commonly used in waterproofing. This waterproofing chemical has different grades.

3-EPDM rubber is a synthetic rubber which is used for different purposes. Ethylene propylene diene monomer is mostly used in automotive and construction industries for manufacturing various seals because of its excellent water resistance quality. It is used in waterproofing process and a commonly used waterproofing product.

4-Waterproofing product roofing felt is made up of glass fiber or polyester fleece impregnated with bituminous have excellent water repellent quality and used in waterproofing process. Roofing felt is similar to tar paper and it is considered the base material use to make roll roofing and shingles.

5-Mastic asphalt is a waterproof product and a composite of aggregates, sand and bitumen. It is also known as concrete admixture and used for covering terrace, car parks, pavement, urban roads and in waterproofing process of a building or a home.

6-A thermoplastic is also known as thermosoftening plastic. It can become moldable at specific temperature and when they cool down become solid again. This product is used in waterproofing process that prevent cracks on roof arise because of thermal expansion and contraction.

7-Bitumen membrane sheet is the best product of waterproofing. It is made of bitumen a substance made up of organic liquids that are sticky in nature and viscous. This membrane sheet is commonly used in waterproofing of basement, tunnels and roofs.

8-PVC waterproofing membrane is a high polymer waterproof product. It is processed by using the Polyvinyl Chloride Resin as a base material. It is highly water repellent product and widely used in waterproofing process both industrially and domestically.









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