EPS Panels in Lahore

EPS Panels in Lahore

EPS Panels in Lahore

EPS Sandwich Panels

Eps Insulated Sandwich Panels are prefabricated building panels used in floors, partitions, ceilings on homes. Installing insulated panels for building constructions ensures strength performance, smooth and rapid setup, and lower running charges. A structural of insulated eps panels in lahore (SIP) is a composite constructing material, along with an insulating layer middle sandwiched between two layers of metals.

Features of SIP

SIP’s commonly manufactures from the panels sandwiched around a foam center manufactured from extended polystyrene (EPS), XPS, or rigid polyurethane foam. Different substances along with plywood, stress-dealt with plywood for beneath-grade foundation walls, metal, aluminum, cement board such as Hardie Backer, or even exotic substances like stainless-steel, fiber-bolstered plastic, and magnesium oxide can also utilize in substitutes of OSB. SIPs offer non-stop air and vapor barriers in addition to elevated R-value as compared to traditional buildings. While hard work cost, fabric waste, and strength performance consider, SIPs are akin to conventional building strategies.


The concept of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) delivers to The forest merchandise Laboratory in Madison, Wisconsin, in 1935. The laboratory developed a prototype panel. These preliminary panels constructed took a look at houses and were tested after 30 years to show that the panels maintain their prior energy. In 1952 Alden B. Dow created the primary foam cores SIPs, which were mass-produced within the 1960s.

How to use SIP

The SIPs are designed to face axial masses, shear masses, and out-of-area masses. Those uses for flooring, walls, roofs for the homes. They can resist the bi-axial bending and lateral shear; so, they are very tons suitable for being used as roofs and flooring. The most extensively used panel joint connections are the floor spline and Block Spline. The surface spline Joint Connection includes the strip of OSB or plywood inserted into slots in the foam. It is inserted into recesses in the foam alongside the panel edges. Those connections bring about a continuous foam middle throughout the panels. It enables to get rid of air filtration on the joints. To get EPS Panels in Lahore Call Us at 03067522220

Any other joint connection is Mechanical cam locks; create a tighter joint among the panels. In any form of contact, the seam along the sheathing includes a continuous panel tape line. Openings may arise at the rims and corners of the panel, and so the panel foam can be recessed to get the right of entry to lumber headers. Any beginning within the SIPs that receive every other enclosed detail has to be nicely sealed.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  1. SIP offers a tighter building envelope, and the partitions could have better-insulating properties.
  2. Decrease in running costs.
  3. Buildings made with insulated panels can easily dismantle and reused.
  4. Insulated panel homes (energy and thermal insulation belongings) will remain identical if reused.
  5. it’s miles value-powerful as it may mount without difficulty


  1. Quite bad overall performance with recognition to the noise management.
  2. Can be broken with the aid of moisture. Better to apply the panels with water-resistant surfaces.
  3. Panels have to well blanket from pests/pesticides.
  4. Requires a suitable mechanical ventilation device
  5. Change of the initial mission is highly-priced.

The Structural Insulated Panels come prefabricated and prepared to assemble, and therefore it facilitates to hurry up the construction. Additionally, it requires a minimum system and body of workers and, for this reason, price-effective.

thermopore wall Panel in Lahore

Insulated sandwich panels are unmarried piece manufacturing unit engineered devices typically produced from two steel faces bonded to a completely insulating middle. The facings are bonds to the center so that the panel acts compositely while underneath load, in maximum cases, supplying free status and cargo bearing panels.

Most EPS sandwich panels are made with an EPS core sandwiched with color bond steel facings. EPS Panel is an actual construction fabric nicely perfect to the extremes of the Australian weather.

It is a fee-powerful, lightweight creation cloth with remarkable insulation homes Used for INSULATED partitions AND ROOFS. To buy eps panels in Lahore call us 03067522220

Available length of Width 1200, the period can reduce to your size Mist White colorings, Flat on each facet. We do have diverse designs from time to time; please ask.

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