Damp Proof Course

Damp Proof Course

Damp proof course is a process to control moisture. In this process a chemical is applied on the walls and floors to prevent water or moisture enter from the internal areas. Seepage on walls and building become the frequent problem nowadays.

DPC is generally applied on basement areas because at basement the entrance of moisture from land is easier. Normally moisture or seepage is observed on the walls of basement of a building. There are many materials available in the market used for damp proof course of a building and different methods are applied for this purpose.

Damp proof course also describe as a physical barrier inserted on the base or on the wall of a building in order to stop passage of water from one place to another place. DPC may be horizontally and vertically it depends upon the requirement and situation of building.

With the passage of time it has been understood that the problems of seepage on walls has become the cause of worry for residents. So the step to cover this issue is taken by chemical companies by learning the basic properties of chemicals and there benefits to avoid the moisture on walls. Unicorn chemical pvt limited provide the best chemical and services for damp proof course of your home.

In order to control the dampness over surface following chemical are used and available in market.

Cementitious Chemical

Cementitious chemical includes sand, organic and synthetic chemicals in form of powder and silica based material. When the ingredients in form of powder are combined with calcium hydrate, it caused a reaction and builds a waterproofing seal. This type of waterproofing materials is easy to apply so experts prefer this material for working. Unicorn chemical pvt limited provides Unicorn Seal K1 as cementitious coating waterproofing product.

This waterproofing material is extremely easy to apply and utilize. Some experts use tap water in power before application while other use acrylic additive before application in order to make it more durable and solid.This waterproofing product is mixed or make ready as per the instruction of expert. Sometimes acrylic additive are used after the preparation of Cementitious Coating.

Cementitious coating is basically 2 component coating which is known as cementitious damp proof chemicals. The chemicals used to make cementitious chemical are mentioned below:

  • Elastomeric
  • Acrylic
  • SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber)

Elastomeric is the chemical which is commonly used for the leakage and seepage solution in Pakistan. It is a polymer-based chemical that is mixed with the cement and then applied on the required surface. The application of this chemical is like paint work.

Acrylic chemical is comparatively cheaper chemical used in cementitious chemical for damp proofing. It is made of polymer used to avoid seepage over the effected surface especially when the required surface is made of concrete. The ratio of liquid and powder to make cementitious chemical must be noticed or checked by architecture.

Styrene Butadiene Rubber  is used for the construction of large scale buildings. It provides the desired results when it is mixed with cement and other chemicals.

Oil Based Chemical

Oil based chemical have higher water resistant quality that avoids moisture and seepage on surface. This chemical is applied without any cement involvement. The hot and cold bitumen is treated as oil base chemical used for damp proofing.

  • Cold Bitumen
  • Hot Bitumen

Bitumen is natural asphalt commonly used during the construction of roads. The cold bitumen have higher demand in market as damp-proof chemicals. There is no involvement of heat before application in this type of chemical but the desired result are easily obtained with the help of this chemical.

In hot bitumen there is involvement of heat before application. This type of bitumen is applied on required surface when it is completed converted into liquid form after boiling. This chemical is popular for roof waterproofing.

Membrane Base Chemical

In membrane based waterproofing chemical bitumen membrane sheet is included. It is not only know as waterproofing material used for the purpose of damp proofing but also popular for the fixing of leakage and seepage at homes. These membrane are applied on the surfaces which are badly affected and damaged in the form of small and medium cracks.

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