Ceiling designing in lahore

Ceiling designing in lahore

Ceiling designing in lahore

False ceiling is normally  known as drop ceilings because ceiling  are literally dropped or hung from the main ceiling. There are different types of false ceilings we often see in houses, offices, shopping complexes, restaurants, theatres, etc. are generally the second ceiling hung below the main structural ceiling designing in lahore. The area above the drop ceiling or false ceiling is called the plenum space, as it is sometimes used for HVAC air return.false ceiling designing in lahore adds glamour and beauty to home .

false ceiling increases the aesthetic appeal of your interiors, hides all the ugly members of the real ceiling and imparts a smooth finish to your ceiling.  It is quite common to see false ceilings in malls, hospitals, theatres and residential buildings these days.

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It is not mandatory that only one material can be used for making a false ceiling design. Two or more than two materials can also be used. For instance, the combination of wood and POP is quite common. You can also go for many other combinations to Explore

false ceiling helps to maintain low temperature of the room when the height of the room is more by reducing the space for the air-conditioner. Covering the upper area also has the multiple benefits of getting space for air-conditioner ducts and concealed wiring, fixing light frames, security cameras, fire sprinklers and other fixtures. It adds beauty to the ceiling and provides the base for all kind of decorative lights and fans.we are best ceiling
designing in lahore

The false  or drop ceiling designing in lahore is a good illustration of modern architecture  and construction in both residential as well as commercial installation  . Different spaces and preferences would entail the use of different false ceiling materials.

There are numerous types of false ceiling designing  used for home interior. False ceilings can be differentiated in several ways according to their applications, materials utilized, appearance and visibility. However, most common classification is based on materials used and there are 8 major types of false ceilings

POP false ceiling designing

Plaster of Paris (POP) is the most commonly used false ceiling. Gypsum when heated, softens, gives out water and forms  POP get harden instantly on addition of water. It is applied on a fiberboard or a wood base, which is after  suspended to form the false ceiling. POP false ceiling looks attractive and has a long lifespan. excellent thermal insulators. This kind of drop ceilings designing not only hides the hideous members of construction, ventilation ducts and conduits but also gives a smooth finish to your ceiling .

Advantages of POP Ceiling designing

  • False ceiling designing  gives a smooth, uniform finish and is mouldable in any shape as per design
  • The surface can be painted depending on your interior style
  • They are light weight and durable false ceilings
  • The most important feature of this false ceiling’s beauty is an indirect form of artificial light

Wooden false ceiling designing

Some homeowners fancy natural beauty and serenity in their homes through interiors. The best way to achieve the rustic look in their ceilings is by offering wooden beams. One can arrange wooden panels to create several patterns of modern appeal on ceiling which have pleasant impact on viewer’s eyes.

Nowadays, the wooden false ceiling  designing  are used very commonly owing to its natural textures and design. The wood ceiling is sometimes given different finishes to make it more attractive. Wooden false ceilings  designing  can be made either with hollow wooden blocks, wooden panels, wooden boards or plywood. Wooden blocks can be easily installed using nails and screws. They are generally used in cold climate regions

Advantages of wooden false ceiling designing

  • They are strong and attractive.
  • They can be given the various finishes, or painted to get the desired look
  • They can be treated to increase their lifespan

Gypsum false ceiling designing

gypsum false ceiling designing can be either made of gypsum boards or sheets or ceiling tiles. The only difference is gypsum boards are available in larger boards/sheets when compared to ceiling tiles. Gypsum false ceilings are tough, versatile and economical. It is a sterile sulphate of calcium, light weighted and easy to install. It is fire-resistant, as well as soundproof; therefore, it is most preferred material for drop ceiling designing in lahore.

Generally, gypsum ceiling  designing in lahore tiles are available in 600 mm × 600 mm.  They are placed in the form of square planks with the support of the metal frame. In case of Gypsum board ceilings, finishing can be done on the boards with paints, laminates, or wallpapers to enhance the appearance of your interior.

Advantages of gypsum ceiling designing

  • Glass fibre-reinforced gypsum board makes excellent insulation material
  • When exposed to fire, gypsum gives out water, which is converted to steam & helps to combat the fire

Metal ceiling deisgning

Metal is a  durable and lustrous material.  which adds beauty to the  interior. Metal false ceilings are available in a form of ceiling tiles, planks and panels. The most common metals used for drop ceilings are  galvanized iron and aluminum.

Metal ceiling tiles of different sizes & thickness are available for the purpose of internal false ceiling. The metal ceiling tiles or panels can be laid on a visible steel grid with T-sections or cross-sections that are suspended from the ceiling by rods. According to ‘Armstrong World Industries’ (Armstrong World Industries, Inc. (AWI) is a global leader in the design and manufacture of innovative commercial and residential ceiling, wall and suspension system solutions) these tiles are available in many designs and has ability to create a historic look along with a contemporary touch!

Fixing and installation of the metal sheets is quite easy and consumes very less labour. The hidden members of the structure are easily accessed as the metal ceiling tiles or panels are easily removable & reattached. Therefore, the construction cost becomes less as the installation, fixing and maintenance is low.

Advantages of metal ceiling designing in lahore

They are ideal for workspaces which require clean environments and maintenance such as the machinery rooms, Air Handling Units, etc.

Fire resistance is a huge advantage of metal false ceilings, for the people who are concerned about safety! They do not crack or warp with time and retain their shape. So, it Peeling is unheard, which means that you will have a ceiling that requires almost zero maintenance and repair

Fabric cloth ceiling designing  in lahore

Fabric is economical and draped across the ceilings mostly for temporary purposes in churches, yoga rooms, restaurants, function halls, etc. They are not highly recommended as they collect dust. The light diffused through fabrics provides a comfortable intensity. This kind of false ceiling is not as functional as other false ceilings but greatly adds to the aesthetics of the place

Glass ceiling designing Glass is a non-crystalline, brittle and transparent material. Because of its transparency it makes the space look bigger. Therefore, it can be used for false ceilings in restaurants, libraries, etc. Glass is a good heat insulator and glass false ceilings look remarkable

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