Water Tank Waterproofing

Water Tank Waterproofing

Waterproofing of a water tank is considered essential to avoid the problem of leakage and seepage that normally noticed due to the existence of water tank in a building. There are many ways to waterproof a water tank. One of the conventional ways is to waterproof the tank by cementitious coating. Cement slurry is a temporary solution of leakage. Unicorn chemical pvt limited provide the best product and services for the purpose of waterproofing of a water tank.

Below mentioned process is applied to waterproof a water tank.

  • Cleaning of water tank
  • Wait to make it dry
  • Water tank surface treatment and cracks repairing

Cleaning of Water tank

In order to waterproof a water tank it must be ensured that the water tank is completely and properly cleaned from all types of dust particles and harmful substances. With the passage of time the water tanks becomes dirty and stores fungus called algae. Cleaning ensure that the water stored in water tank is not harmful to use and not get clogged up with dangerous substances.

Water tank is cleaned by water hose and hand brush to remove all types of unwanted material.

Wait to make it dry

The next step is to dry the water tank properly. Fans and hot air guns are used to dry the tank quickly. Two or three hours are required to dry it completely during this time the preparation of waterproofing chemical is performed by waterproofing experts.

Water tank surface treatment and cracks repairing

After cleaning and drying, the cracks appear on the tank surface are identified and filled by using various chemicals or with the help of cementitious mixture. Cementitious mixture used to fill the cracks and surface treatment is called two components coating.

Waterproofing chemicals used for concrete water tank

There is wide range of waterproofing chemicals available in the market but for the purpose of waterproofing of water tank normally two types of chemicals are used. Oil based waterproofing chemical are not used for water tanks. The chemical used for water tank are mentioned below:

  • Acrylics
  • Elastomeric


This type of waterproofing chemical is a transparent polymer used with cement in order to form two component coating for complete application. This waterproofing chemical is cheaper as compared to other types of waterproofing chemical. It secure leakage problems for several years.


Elastomeric chemicals are available in market in colored and also in transparent form. Waterproofing chemicals available in market have its own traits and qualities, this chemical have better quality as compared to acrylics.

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