The Advantages of Rockwool Insulation

The Advantages of Rockwool Insulation

The Advantages of Rockwool Insulation

Mineral wool, called rock wool sometimes, is divided into rock wool and slag wool normally. Slag is the main raw material of slag wool. Rock wool is produced mainly using igneous rock, e.g. basalt, dolomite, etc. 

As a kind of very good heat preserving, heat insulating, cold insulating and sound absorbing material for various industrial equipment’s, traffic facilities such as pipelines, storage tanks, boilers, heat exchangers, fans, vehicles and vessels, as well as various buildings, mineral wool is widely used in industrial sectors such as national defense, petrochemical, construction, metallurgy, cold storage, traffic, etc. Particularly the construction industry. In developed industrial countries, consumption of mineral wool products in the construction sector accounts for more than 80% of their production, and in Japan, even up to 90%. Due to energy-saving requirement from protection to the earth, demand for mineral wool products has been still increasing.

Rockwool has some significant advantages over other insulation materials which are discussed briefly below:

  • Rockwool stone wool fibers can withstand more than 1000°C without melting – this means it can slow the spread of fire in a property where it to catch fire.
  • Rockwool has fantastic thermal insulating properties. 120mm of our dual density slabs when attached to the exterior of a property will take the u-value down to 0.3 which means the building will then conform to building regulations. For the occupants, it means improved thermal comfort since the property will stay at more even temperatures and also lower energy bills.
  • Rockwool stone wool has great acoustic insulating properties, so it really can help with sound reduction if installed on a busy road for example.
  • The final advantage is that Rockwool is breathable, therefore it allows moisture to travel across the wall which can help dissipate damp (from in the house).

In order to use Rockwool stone wool in our external wall insulation systems, you do need to use slightly different materials, because the adhesive required sticking the boards on to the wall need to be slightly stronger. Since the Rockwool is also breathable, we don’t sell acrylic render for use on this system as it slightly defeats the object!

A unique combination of a large number of properties is found in ROCKWOOL stone wool:

  • Fire Resistant
  • Heat insulating
  • Non-combustible
  • Moisture and water repellent
  • Sound-absorbing

Top 5 Reasons Pros Choose Rockwool over Fiberglass

  • 1) Its Fire Resistant. Made from stone, ROCKWOOL can withstand temperatures up to 2150° F.
  • 2) Its Water Repellent. ROCKWOOL insulation repels water, so R-value is not affected.
  • 3) It’s Made from Stone.
  • 4) It Maximizes the Comfort.
  • 5) It Maximizes the Peace and Quiet.

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