Metal roof waterproofing

Metal roof waterproofing

Metal roofs in commercial areas and industrial areas have been around for many years. Occupants of the buildings have been facing metal roof leakage problems for many years. Unicorn chemicals provide the best solution of metal roof leakage problems. For this purpose liquid rubber products and polymer are used that ensure long lasting waterproof membrane that prevents leakage.

In metal roof waterproofing the roof is cleaned first, rust on the metal roof clear a way for water to enter. During waterproofing process rust on roof is removed and then fit to drop in preparation of the application of polyester waterproofing membrane made up of 100% pure polymer. This waterproofing chemical can be sprayed using high-pressure airless spraying equipment. This waterproofing coat ensure a 100% watertight and rust proof surface.

Below mentioned steps are followed during metal roof waterproofing

1-Clean the surface of metal roof by Power wash

2-Replace or tight the fixing of vents, skylights, joints with liquid rubber tape

3-Apply 2 coats of waterproof sealant or metal roof rust primer

4-Application of liquid rubber waterproofing sealant to the entire metal roof by brush, spray or roller

5-Safety measures to avoid direct sunlight during application

Products used in metal roof waterproofing

Products used in waterproofing are mentioned below

1-Liquid Rubber waterproof sealant

2-Liquid Rubber metal safe sealant

3-Liquid Rubber seam tape

Liquid rubber is the best product to waterproof your metal roof provides long lasting waterproofing benefits and these are easy to apply. It is a synthetic waterproof product made up to avoid metal roof leakage and seepage by using highly advanced and environmentally friendly polymer, it has become popular and most commonly used waterproof chemical. Its benefits have increased with the passage of time and it offers the most economical solutions for the purpose of waterproofing in today’s market. Products made up of liquid rubber are the best solution of roof leakage. Moreover waterproofing products made up of liquid rubber are very environment friendly, can be used easily and ensure the safety of workers.

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