Geo Membrane

Geo Membrane

Geo membrane is a material used for waterproofing of buildings as barrier; it is formed as a large tube which is opened in flat sheet. It is also used as vapor barrier for liquid and gas containment. Geomembrane is also known as impermeable plastic sheet which has no macro-structural features. Insulation of geomembrane is normally associated with geotextile it protect this material from stones, gravel and other damaging materials. It play an important role in rehabilitation of channels and tunnels and makes waterproofing process more reliable. During installation of Geomembrane there must be resistance of puncture, tensile stress, tear and creep

This waterproofing membrane is made of reinforced polymeric material. Earth can be stabilize and by ensuring containment of hazardous landfills can be secured with the help of geo membrane. Polyethylene is a material which is normally used to prevent seepage is used in geo membrane sheet in high density to overcome the issue of leakage and seepage of buildings. Geomembrane is considered important for projects of below mentioned industries:

  • Environmental industry
  • Mining industry
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Waste transportation industry

Functionalities of Geomembrane

Geomembrane are varied because of its functionalities. It categorize into following

  • Waterproofing membrane
  • Containment liners
  • Strengthening layers for soil reinforcement
  • Cushioning layers
  • Capping systems
  • Basal liners

Waterproofing Membrane

Geomembrane is used as waterproofing membrane to prevent leakage and seepage in building during construction. It is considered one of the best barrier in the way of water to enter. Chances of leakage and seepage are reduced to minimize after installation or application of geomembrane as waterproofing membrane.

Containment liner

Geomembrane is also used as container liner to protect from corrosion and chemical attacks and in order to cover cracks on concrete surface or any other containment area.

Strengthening layers for soil reinforcement

Geomembrane is also used to improve the stiffness and strength of soil by applying geo-engineering methods. During soil reinforcement this membrane provides the adequate support to building.

Cushioning layers

Geomembrane form a cushioning layer on concrete floor to protect it by providing an impermeable damp proofing layer. During this process an air gap is also maintained that allows the concrete floor to breath.

Capping systems

Geomembrane is also used for capping that means to place a cover over wastes and contaminated soil. The covers of membrane is known as caps these caps don not remove or destroy contaminants but used to cover them in order to prevent spreading of contaminants.

Basal Liner

Geomembrane’s basal liner is directly associated with the geotextiles. It provides protection to geomembrane from puncture and tear resistance.

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