methods of waterproofing

methods of  waterproofing

methods of waterproofing

What is waterproofing ? waterproofing is technique to resist the water penetration from any kind of roof and wall structure.Water penetration occurs due to various reasons i.e cracks on roof and walls.Cracks appears in concrete roof in result of expansion and contraction of roof .Rain water finds its tracks and starts dripping through these cracks and little tiny wholes on roof surface and in results water seepage and leakage appears on ceiling.I mentions here various techniques which has been usually used for waterproofing .

methods of waterproofing

Various types of waterproofing beings used in pakistan

  • cement based waterproofing
  • polymer based waterproofing
  • acrylic based waterproofing
  • chemical waterproofing
  • bitumen waterproofing
  • membrane sheet waterproofing
  • epoxy resins for waterproofing
  • polyurethane waterproofing
  • liquid rubber waterproofing
  • SBR based waterproofing

Cement based waterproofing

cementitious waterproofing system are normally applied to inner wet area like washroom ,kitchen ,indoor planter and swimming pool etc .It is very common method of roof waterproofing in lahore. Before applying cement based waterproofing method one should be very careful about surface area of application that should be clean .Surface should be free of dirt and any laitance agent.

Cementitious waterproofing do not require any primer coat before application .two coats of cement are usually applied for treatment .Clear the surface from any moisture and apply cement based waterproofing first coat.If the first coat is in vertical direction second coat should be applied horizontal .this is very usual waterproofing system which provide strenght and durability

Polymeric waterproofing

polymer are highly waterproofing agent used for water leakage and seepage solution.Polymeric waterproofing treatment is highly recommended .Polymer are basically either in liquid form or in powder form .polymer are pure adhesive after these are mixed up with cement these act as strong waterproofing substance .polymer is emerging techniques used for roof waterproofing and asain countries .

Acrylic based waterproofing 

Acrylic is white color liquid which is mixed up in different waterproofing chemicals .It is not only super elastic liquid but also a best & durable waterproofing material .Unicorn chemical Pvt Ltd used this chemical in his UC-307 waterproofing product .It is latest technology used for waterproofing treatment .Data sheet of this product is given on our website you may also inquired about properties of this product .this is long lasting waterproofing material .after mixing up the different chemical with acrylic we are capable of applying this chemical on roof

  1. Clean the roof and make sure fungus is removed
  2. apply power brushing to clear the cracks
  3. apply acrylic base prime coat to fill ups the cracks
  4. lay fiber mating sheet on roof which provide strenght and life to material
  5. apply two coats of UC-207

Bituminious waterproofing 

Bitumen is black color material which is extracted from crud oil while mining .It is very sticky substance and provide high amount elasticity and stop water penetration .bitumen in different grades is available in market .it is applied with brush and wooden slabs .bitumen is available in different quality and grades like 100/80 ,10/20 ,60/70 etc .first one is used to construct the road .2nd and 3rd is usually used to waterproof the roof and walls . Bituminious waterproofing technique has been used for a long period of time for
roof waterproofing in lahore .it is being used in commercial and domestic construction .Before applying to surface area we make it hot on fire so that its adhesiveness can be enhanced .Make sure that roof surface is clear from any fungus and unclean things before apply

the bitumen on roof .Civil engineer suggests bitumen for waterproofing of basement bathroom ,walls ,roof ,sheds,swimming pool waterproofing and any other moisture area Make sure that roof is clear from any inflammable material before applying the bitumen on roof because it catches the fire immediately so that any incident can be avoided .Roof should be neat and dry .After having been applied the bitumen avoid walking on the roof 

Membrane sheet 

Membrane sheet is used in industrial roof waterproofing .world class civil engineer prefer membrane sheet for waterproofing of concrete roof .This product is made up of bitumen of A provides durability to and water resistance to roof .Membrane sheet has been manufectured in different sizes .Usually it has 1 x 10 meter dimensions .

we apply it by tourch seal method .High pressure gas resource is used for making flame high and sharp .Technical labour can only install this sheet on roof because it requires experience and techniques .Normally 3 inch overlap of sheet on another sheet while installing is consider good for water seal .

It has high cost but it is durable and long lasting waterproofing substance .Prime coat of bitumen is required for making base before installing the sheet .once sheet you get installed the sheet on roof so u need not to worry about water leakage and seepage .Architects ,engineers ,builders ,contractors encourge membrane sheet for .Membrane sheet has ruled the following area for water proofing

  • basement waterproofing
  • swimming pool waterproofing
  • retaining wall waterproofing
  • control shed waterproofing
  • sheller waterproofing
  • steel roof waterproofing
  • concrete water[proofing

Epoxy waterproofing 

Epoxy two component waterproofing is latest type of waterproofing .Epoxy is resin which has vacious feature .When both liquid are mixed together they become sticky and ready to use waterproofing substance .Epoxy is also used for flooring .Be careful while mixing up epoxy resins because they can demage the skin .wear gloves on hand and after that mix the liquid

epoxy waterproofing is used for window and steel structure waterproofing .Clean up the surface before applying it .Use good applicator brush for application and waterproofing with epoxy agent .epoxy is instant product dont take more time for application of chemical .

types of Roof waterproofing treatment in pakistan
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types of Roof waterproofing treatment in pakistan
various method have been used for waterproofing what is the procedure to waterproof a roof in pakistan
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