Swimming Pool waterproofing

Swimming Pool waterproofing

Swimming Pool waterproofing

Waterproofing system should be applied with pools

Because of the particularity of waterproof demand in the pool industry, waterproofing has always been a
difficult problem in the construction of swimming pool. At present, China’s waterproof material types are
complex, waterproof technology constantly update. Waterproof materials are made of waterproofing
membrane, waterproof coating, plugging materials and other five categories (Xu et al., 2015; Wan et al., 2000).
At the same time, the problems of current waterproof material are also exposed due to objective and
subjective. Coating with a self-healing or self-closing function has become a research hotspot. Cement-based
infiltration of crystalline waterproof coating is born, it is invented by the German chemists in the practice of
solving the cement ship leaking water (Jiang, 2007)). The current research on this material is mainly focused
on the application of materials, the performance of the coating itself is not specific, especially the crack
resistance and bonding properties with the matrix. Now the improvement of coating performance is by adding
a waterproofing agent to find a more suitable filler ratio. It has been found that hydrophobic silicone
waterproofing agents increase the rate of oxygen diffusion. That is, once the matrix appears cracks, the
waterproof effect will be significantly reduced, the internal steel corrosion rate will be higher than ordinary
concrete (Tittarell, 2009)). Another study shows that the early waterproofing effect of ethyl silicate is better
than that of methyl ethoxypolysiloxane. In addition, some researchers study the curing mechanism of
wollastonite-silica sol slurry and find that the fineness of wollastonite will elute Ca2+, which leads to the
gelation of the silica sol (Quiroga and Martinez-Ramirez, 2009)..Unicorn chemical the best water proofing company in lahore . A large number of studies have also been
conducted on the effect of coating composition on water resistance. The effect of cement usage and water /
cement ratio on the mechanical properties and shrinkage of polymer mortar is studied (Fang and Yang, 2002).
The effects of styrene, butyl acrylate and methyl methacrylate under different proportions are studied on the
water repellency of styrene-acrylic emulsion. It is found that the lower the styrene content, the better the cost,
but the cost will increase (He, 2000).Unicorn chemical the best water proofing company in lahore
This paper studies a composite cement-based permeable crystalline waterproof material with high adhesion
and excellent mechanical properties. One of the most important steps in gunite or concrete swimming pool construction is selecting the right type of waterproofing. Concrete is a porous substrate prone to water penetration; therefore, it has to be sealed to keep water in the pool, in addition to keeping ground water out, which is often forgotten.swimming pool waterproofing is necessary .Unicorn chemical is one of leading swimming pool waterproofing company in lahore as well as in islamabad and kpk.

Every single swimming pool or water feature must be waterproofed in one way or another. Sometimes these structures present challenges and are often tricky to waterproof due to the various penetrations included in the design to accommodate elements such as lighting, piping and drainage.waterproofing company in lahore

There are several products on the market today for waterproofing swimming pools. Before any final decisions are made, the following information will help make material selection easier and success rates higher..Unicorn chemical the best water proofing company.

Cementitious coating,best waterproofing material, and waterproof barrier products tend to bond better to concrete substrates because they are similar in chemical composition and enhanced by polymer bonding agents. These products also allow various finishing options; plaster, overlays and adhesives attach better to cementitious substrates, as opposed to a pure polymer waterproof coating.waterproofing company in lahore

When dealing with new pool construction, cementitious coatings,best waterproofing material, are not susceptible to failure from moisture vapour transmission (MVT), which is the rate at which water vapour passes through a material at a specified temperature and relative humidity. .Unicorn chemical the best water proofing company in lahore,These coatings are breathable, so they can be applied just days after pouring the concrete or placing the gunite, which leads to faster turn around times. In comparison, pure polymer systems require the concrete to cure for a minimum of 28 days to prevent failure from MVT.waterproofing company in lahore

In swimming pool waterproofing  restoration cases, it is usually difficult to completely dry the substrate before swimming pool waterproofing is applied. Pure polymer coating systems cannot be applied to substrates that are not completely dry, whereas cementitious products are moisture tolerant. In fact, many manufacturers even require pre-wetting the substrate prior to application.waterproofing company in lahore

2.1 The need for swimming pool waterproofing
It is due to the particularity of the waterproofing demand of the swimming pool industry, the water of swimming
pool should be stored for a long time, the hot and cold water should be alternately transformed. This has been
a difficult problem in the construction of the swimming pool, so the choice of waterproof coating is extremely
important. meanwhile, as a movement which directly contact with the human body movement, it requires the
swimming pool not only has the most basic waterproof performance, but also requires the pool film with antibreeding bacteria, anti-ultraviolet, and anti-aging characteristics. Therefore, regardless of the production
process or raw materials and other aspects are demanding.Unicorn chemical the best water proofing company.


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