Roof heat proofing in lahore

Roof heat proofing in lahore

Roof heat proofing in lahore

After visiting and approval of order initial we’ve got to neat and clean the subjected space and wash it from water than we tend to apply the sun reflective chemical ,quality of labor is our promise.

Roof WaterProofing
Can be a serious water outflow downside. Resolve your downside with filling and chemical coating in cracks & minor pin holes ,coated the entire roof with polyester sheet.

Bathroom ooze
Bathroom’s outflow, ooze with none harm, chemical passes through subjected sewerage lines
to fill cracks & holes. don’t use lavatory or Sewerage Line for twenty-four Hrs.

ALL PROJECTSROOF Roof Heat Proofing, Roof WaterProofing
Wall ooze, Bathroom outflow answer , homecare
Unicorn chemical subsidiary of Diamond cluster Of Industries giving roof insulation boards and
best thermal nonconductor for roof heat proofing with international standards in Asian nation. We are
committed to supply thermal insulation materials in buildings and supply top quality heat insulation
for roof ceiling and wall through roof insulation boards, spray and rolls material for roof heat proofing
conforming to international standards endured by applicable Laws for continued improvement in our merchandise to realize our client satisfaction and fulfilling the dream of energy

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