Geocomposite is basically a generic name used to define synthetic product that made of geotextile, goegrids, geonet and geomembrane. This synthetic type of membrane is applied on the required area for separation, filtration, drainage system containment of water and reinforcement. Geocomposite which is formed by merger of geotextile and geogrid is normally used for drainage in embankment cases. This type of membrane has very high capacity of drainage so that it is considered highly suitable of drainage system.

Geocomposite a synthetic material can be combined other material other than geogrid, geomembranes, geotextile like plastic sheets and steel cables. During formation of this material the usage of above mentioned materials makes geocomposites more durable and effective. It is also called drainage products and consists of two different materials. It is three dimensional layer acts as filter that allows water to flow but prevent the surrounding area to fill. Filtration and separation is an important function of Geocomposite.

Advantages of Geocomposites

  • Geocomposite play an important role in soil integrity management because of its high volume flow path. Flow path of water is maintained through application of Geocomposite.
  • Back fill types projects are accomplished with this type of membrane because of its separation and filtration properties
  • Highly affordable material and considered cost effective replacement
  • This type of waterproofing material has high drainage efficiency
  • Easy installation that saves time
  • High durability and period extension under construction
  • Environment friendly material and minimizes the environmental impact by replacing bulkier material and provide consistent performance

Geocomposites Insulation

Geocomposites play an important role in the reinforcement of ground. Highway projects are accomplished with this type of material in lower cost comparatively with easy installation. Geocomposite material is applied in below mentioned areas.

  • Airport and railway drainage projects are accomplished with geocomposites
  • Tunnels waterproofing has become possible with the help of geocomposites. Effective drainage system is considered essential to avoid the problem of seepage and leakage in concrete tunnel so this material is insulate in the tunnel to avoid the said problem.
  • Geocomposites are insulated for plants treatment it not only detect the leaks but also collect the discharge until the problem is solved.
  • The traditional stone layer is replaced with this type of membrane for horizontal drainage in landfill and for effective drainage path for underground water in municipal waste landfills projects
  • Insulation of goecomposites is performed for the reinforcement of grounds

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