Crack Repairing

Crack Repairing

Crack Repairing

Surface which is made of concrete have cracks because of absence of flexibility. Proper attention is required to solve this problem at the right time.  Concrete crack repairing process is accomplished by various methods of crack repairing.Appropriate method of crack repairing can save time and money. So it is considered essential to know the right one method of crack repairing to avoid the problem of leakage and seepage that may cause serious damages.

Method of Crack Repairing

Crack repairing process is accomplished before waterproofing coating and before insulation of bitumen membrane sheet. The methods of crack repairing are mentioned below:

Chemical Injection

In this method the cracks appear on surface are filled with chemical called epoxy to create a barrier for water to enter. Normally this method is applied when cracks are not more in number. Before filling of crack by epoxy chemical it is considered essential to find the reason of cracks appear on the surface otherwise the cracks will appear on the surface again and again. The explosion of cracks can be eliminated after identifying the cause of cracks on surface. Contamination and seepage problem may affect the efficiency of crack repairing chemical of to fix the said problem is essential to make epoxy chemical results durable. Excess temperature my also effect the performance of epoxy chemical.

Sealing and Routing

This method is commonly used method in case of remedial cracks appear on the surface. Under this method the cracks are more exposed and converted into another shape normally in V shape and then filled this exposed crack with sealants and suitable materials. Hot tar is used to fill the cracks this material is commonly used to fill the cracks appear on the road. 

Drilling and plugging

This method of crack repairing is considered cost effective and time consuming. Under this method the cracks are exposed by drilling in vertical form and grout key drilled in surface to avoid seepage.

Stitching the Cracks

Under this method the cracks on surface are exposed by a machine and after it these are stitched by a metallic wire. The wire is also called U-shaped wire and strongly passed through the cracks with chemicals to seal.


Grouting to repair concrete cracks is accomplished by a proper procedure. In this process first of all the surface is cleaned properly and then grout meshing to form a pressure tight connection is completed. After it the cracks are filled by sealants and sealing chemicals are also used for this purpose.

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